Audio & Music Services
 I work from my production space the PhonoPod in Harpers Ferry, WV,

(1h west of D.C.), where affordable sessions are available for independent bands and solo projects. 

In addition to recording, I can help you translate your musical ideas into a production: refining your concepts, 

sharpening your lyrics, adding arrangements to your songs, and mixing the stems to a finished product.

I provide sound design and foley for video projects as wellContact me here.

The PhonoPod

The top priority in my studio is providing the environment and guidance

that will make your songs and performances shine. A relaxed and harmonious space

where you can feel like home is a space suitable for creating. When you are comfortable,

you can truly sink into the place within where the magic happens. I don't have a large collection of gear –

what I would rather give you is the personal attention you won't get in major studios. Throughout

pre-production and recording sessions, I offer the guidance, creative input, and broad-spanning expertise that

only an engineer who's also a producer, songwriter, and musician can provide. Above all – in my studio,

you will get the time you need to really make your songs what you envision them to be. 


In my work, I apply my craftsmanship and theoretical knowledge while making sure

to maintain the emotion and personal touch through always following my musical intuition,

guided by my ears. Ultimately, the feeling of the performance and how well this vibe is preserved

and represented in the recording is what's going to matter to the listener. I put a big focus on

making sure that feeling and mood is captured so that the concept of the song speaks.   

When hiring me you can expect fresh ideas, a deep understanding of harmony, 

commitment to quality, and easy communication throughout the process.


When co-creating music, I draw upon seven years of schooling in the sub-fields of audio engineering

and technology, music production, music theory and composing, songwriting, sound design, 

acoustics, and musical expression. I've also studied piano performance for some odd twenty years

and can navigate many other instruments as well as sing, should you need backing vocals or

some other addition to your song. I've been making music my entire life and have worked with

musicians and songwriters in different settings and roles since I was a teenager. 

I started performing when I was 12 years old and I got into producing when I was 16. At 20, 

I produced and released my first album. Realizing one's creative visions is the best feeling

in the world – and so I dedicated myself to helping others do this while continuing

my own creative endeavors. After graduating first a trade school for songwriting, and then 

University with a degree in Music Production/Audio Engineering, I interned at a couple

New York studios. This is where I came to realize where my natural abilities lie and

how my unique combination of skills can be of best service to artists – through The PhonoPod. 


Contact me to discuss your project.