- Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Songwriter, Musician at the PhonoPod
- Writer, Musical Performer, Multimedia Artist, Activist, Divemaster, Ecology Enthusiast, Traveler

I like to exist on the cusp of the heart and the mind. Sustainable living for the whole Earth collective is my dream. Other than telling stories and creating art about the human experience, I'm passionate about the natural world, ecology and data visualization, and hope to devote more of my time and resources to these things in the future.

At this time, my prioritized missions are:
 • Helping others realize their artistic dreams

 • Sharing resources and support for unlocking individual and collective potential

 • Creating edutainment material for sustainable living

From Sweden, 28 years old

Lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

+ in tiny house/on-the-road-studio Maltopia in Europe

Email: CaptainPleione[at]gmail.com

A beacon in the night, guiding to expand

our space for light ⁠— illuminating life.

©2018 by Pleione

Be the light.