Ocean & Ecosystems

My call for exploring and conserving the Ocean and its magnificent coral reefs and kelp forests drives me to work, create, and help others reconnect with our source. As a divemaster (scuba-diving guide), environmental activist and backpacker,

I've enjoyed traveling to some

forty countries and visiting many underwater wonder-worlds and

remote islands. 

In my travel blog I share stories and

photos from ten years of journeys

across the globe -- including crossing the South Pacific in a sailing vessel and performing a street music tour in Europe, living in my RV Maltopia.

These adventures have ultimately connected me to and taught me about ecosystems—so common themes in my stories are the natural world, ecology, expanding the human consciousness, and living large and sustainably with nature with 

as little money as possible.


Music Production

I provide services related to creating music, including producing, composing, writing lyrics, recording, arranging, and mixing. 

Over the last decade, I've studied

music production, audio engineering,

sound design, acoustics, songwriting, 

music theory and creative writing

at six different Swedish universities

and a trade school.

I've also released music under my own

independent label, Anomali Records

In the woods outside of Washington D.C.,

I've set up a production studio called

the PhonoPod – where recording

sessions are available.

I can help you make your productions happen, with any or every part of the process:

from planning the production of

your musical vision, to executing and delivering it to the world.



If you're looking for an 

interdisciplinary artist with breadth for your project, I might be able to help.

My love for creating, blossoms with 

the use of most mediums and tools. 

As a multimedia artist, I've enjoyed telling stories through music albums, musicals, nonfiction and science-fiction writing, poetry, nature/travel 

photography, digital and traditional illustrations, picture books, clothing design, physical environments, miniatures, building and crafting dolls and props, acting, dancing, singing and playing piano and a few other instruments live

and on recordings.

I'm also capable of organizing, managing, and directing 

creative projects, and would love

to help you realize yours.